Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A hello has been long over due

I've been wrapped up in art projects, math assisgnments and a lot of shifts at Sabon. I just finished my Math Mid-Term. I left feeling positive and ready to take my Spanish Mid-Term.

What's been new in the house of Texans? Well, for starters, I got a kitten! I named her Misuki. Misuko means cute in Japanese. I tweeked it slightly to make it sound more child-like. What do you think? I've also had a week hiatus due to watching Breaking Bad.

My friend, Irene, visited New York from Chicago. I had drinks with her and her sister on Thursday afternoon. I've made a few friends lately.

I've been preparing for the Holidays. I can't wait for Halloween! I hope we can wear our costumes to work. Did I mention, I'm dressing up as an avocado? I'm getting green felt and sewing an oval with a hole cut in the middle. I'll paint my face brown for the seed. I'm also going to wear green tights and a green shirt.

I wish I had a more exciting life but atleast I can say I'm getting on top of things. I like how busy I am.

Oh wait! I went to an after party for short films. Elle, Abott's sister, and her boyfriend came to New York for the screening of their short film, Recess. It won awards! We managed to get to the party to late but at least I left with some shirts!

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