Saturday, March 26, 2011

meanwhile in Round Rock!

Outside my window...

I can see our peach tree and a very messy backyard. Pft.

Today I feel like...

lounging around the pool and getting more tan and/or watching movies with Beth OR just simply getting out of Round Rock as soon as possible.

I am thinking...

that I can't wait for 2 weekend trip to Houston to see my man!

I am thankful...
my wonderful group of friends that surround me with support and love, especially the woman whom I work for, Beth, she's just brilliant. How could I forget about Johnny, I'm at a loss at words how thankful I am for him.

I am learning...
to be patient and at the same time let go.

The highlight of my week was...
Probably going out to eat with Beth for lunch yesterday and sampling some tasty french cheeses; seeing my sister, talking to Johnny.

I want to read...
Aron Ralston's "Between a Rock and a Hard Place".

I am hearing...
Das Racist.

Recent movies I watched were...
127 Hours! Eeeee, I was on my toes the entire day!
One of my favorite things...
are sitting with a group of friends and just let creativity happen. Whether it starts with music or painting or whatever it may be, I love that!

I am looking forward to...
going to Houston to see Johnny, it's been a little over a week.

My goals for this week are...
to make some time to deep clean my room, to go to the pool twice, to get some groceries, to manage my personal accounts and of course kick ass at work! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

insane in the membrane

Finally quit Fresh Plus and now I'm a personal assistant for this amazing woman named Beth! I've met the most incredible people from Chicago throughout this entire week. I'm really happy with the way things are going in my life (giving the circumstances). Everyone is so entirely musically creative in 4302 house that I can't even fathom how amazing it feels to walk into art.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm starting a new job today. Extra money plus this lady really needs some help and I want to help her sort out her life (job wise) to make things easier on her.

It's going to be a long day. Hope I get the job at Mothers. Really really want to work there.

well holy fuck tits and balls

I tend to curse more when I'm drunk.....which I was young
"I was drunk and bloggin"

seriously when did i think it was okay to get on stage and sing??????

Sunday, March 6, 2011

quick to the barricades



footnote: i have a feeling i'm going to be a woman in a few days 

happens to me all the time

He was a great balloon marker!

I need atleast 10 hours of sleep before I go to work so I don't become ultra bitch! Friday was fun. Went bar hopping around hyde park/north campus area and saw "Little Lo" at the art authority. They remind of me a little of she&him with some coconut records but they yet still bring their own personality to their sound. Boy, the drummer sure is easy on the eyes. Today I go in today... I'd much rather make my homemade veggie soup or my delicious pasta. I got to save more money if I'm going to move to New York. I need a new yob! Maybe working at mothers cafe and garden will hire me. Hmm? Oh! The possibilities!

I'm proud of myself; I've finally freed myself from under the broken hearted spell. I'm free atleast! Thank god almighty I'm free at last! Maybe more on that subject but common, he's a tool and I was a young fool!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursdays are becoming my favorite day out of the week

Let me just say that I was thrilled to wake up at 12:45 this afternoon with no hangover! For what its worth I'm not by any means showing off how much I drank last night but who really wants to go to work with a headache, nausea and a tingly body. NOT THIS GUY. Remember ladies and gents, it's not the quantity of what you drink its the quality.

I've had a great week so far. Anthony, Kory, Sasha and Charley and I snuck into the Omni hotel in downtown Austin and watched as the little ants sat in traffic while we relaxed in a beautiful hot tub (on the rooftop) sippin' on some lonestars. I was pooped by 9:30 and called it a night. The next day, after work, Kory and I went to go visit Caiti post surgery. That crazy girl fractured her elbow and had to get surgery shortly after, pauvre..
Hours later, I'm dancing to oldies, taking shots of makers mark and sipped a yummy drink called adios motherfuckers (everything after that turned straight silly). That particular drink hides nothing in the title. I didn't go to sleep until 4 a.m. I think I'm done drinking during the work week for me, it's unprofessional and not a good idea to go to work hungover.

Now to bring things up to speed as to why I love thursdays so much. I was just excited not to be hungover. My shift is perfect; Kory as my manager, Natalie as my co-cashier and Mose as nightman. Not a bad shift, plus I got Jimmy Johns out of it....twice! Whoops!! Plus the dilfs whom I find too goodlucking came into work today as well as my usual hotties! Natalie and I just went out for a run and are about to watch the jersey shore.

Go on, hate me for watching that show... it's ridiculously dramatic and well, I'm a girl. Drama replenishes my body like Lady Gaga replenishes a gay man's soul.


Side note:
Happy 100th Jean Harlow!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daily Horoscope for Virgo

You won't be willing to listen to any answer that includes a 'maybe,' a 'perhaps' or a 'probably.' Just the facts, ma'am, is what you're after -- and all you'll settle for.

i'm going to go tan and eat a delicious meal and enjoy my day. No maybe, perhaps, or probably about it. goodbye!