Sunday, March 6, 2011

He was a great balloon marker!

I need atleast 10 hours of sleep before I go to work so I don't become ultra bitch! Friday was fun. Went bar hopping around hyde park/north campus area and saw "Little Lo" at the art authority. They remind of me a little of she&him with some coconut records but they yet still bring their own personality to their sound. Boy, the drummer sure is easy on the eyes. Today I go in today... I'd much rather make my homemade veggie soup or my delicious pasta. I got to save more money if I'm going to move to New York. I need a new yob! Maybe working at mothers cafe and garden will hire me. Hmm? Oh! The possibilities!

I'm proud of myself; I've finally freed myself from under the broken hearted spell. I'm free atleast! Thank god almighty I'm free at last! Maybe more on that subject but common, he's a tool and I was a young fool!

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