Friday, August 26, 2011

All right, folks, I've decided to come back to blogger.

I'm horrible at making decisions. Whether it be about deciding what I should eat for lunch (I was at Whole Foods today and it took FOREVER) to choosing classes, to, well, blogging sites. I was using Posterous for a while and I did enjoy it but I read more blogs based from Blogger.

Well, for starters, I moved to Manhattan! I've been living here for a month since today. I remember the moment when we were driving over the bridge and I saw the city at once. I literally was taking back. I've successfully managed to land myself a job. I work for Sabon. Sabon is an israeli soap boutique. So far, I really have liked my experience with the store. I also have managed to get everything organized for school (which started today!).

I'm not too found of my schedule! I go to school Monday to Friday. I'm taking Math, History of Women (Oh-la la!), Art and Spanish. Yeah, folks, I'm taking Spanish again. I might improve my GPA. That's a guarantee'd A+!

Molly, my friend from Austin came and visited me. She had a blast. Boy, let me tell you how hard it is to be a tour guide when you yourself is a tourist! Plus, that particular week I needed to find a job and register for classes.

Let's see... what else? Well, I live in Harlem. I live in a very Dominican derived neighborhood. I live with four other people! We're all Texans. Abott and Elizabeth share a room. They're in love. Sloane is my to-go fashionista. And Cal, well, he's the comedian of the house. But let's get real, I'm the real comedian! I've actually been working on some more material.

With Hurricane Irene coming through, I plan on cleaning out my computer and allowing more space. I really need an external hard-drive! I'll show you a preview of the apartment as well as some pictures and what I've been up too.

Lately, I've been on a Fleetwood Mac fix! Particularly, the Rumours album.


P.S- My birthday is in sixteen days! It'll be the big one, venti-uno! I'll tell you this much, I won't be drinking any tequila!

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