Thursday, April 7, 2011

This little bugger has been the reason why I've been so incredibly busy and not been posting! He came and surprised me on the first. Champagne in one hand and a cheesy smile ready to surprise me. It's been so excellent to have him here. I've had to deal with the crazy dramatic monster (most would know as my mother) situation but he's been there on my side and good for support. Did I mention we went to a strip club? Minutes of being there, I thought I was being sly and the cool girlfriend but changed as soon as strippers came and went. We made the best of it, well, I made the best of the situation.

In other news, I'd like to say I want to start posting more fashion ideas and personal items I pick for myself onto this site. I was also thinking posting more recipes I cook.

Johnny and I made a four star dinner. Homemade creamed spinach, steak with garlic butter sauce and to top it off, rosemary corn on the cob.

I did pretty, pretty good (insert Larry David voice over)

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