Wednesday, September 14, 2011

La Vie en Rose

This past week has been incredibly busy for me! I had my best friend (old roommate), my friend from Chicago and his lovely girlfriend come visit me for the 21st birthday! I had an excellent week. My birthday was amazing. I can honestly say, I had a fabulous birthday! A really cute fireman came and randomly kissed me! How cute was that?

I went to the Brooklyn museum and the Met. I could spend all day in the Met if I was forced too. My favorite part were the sculptures. I'm enjoying all of my classes this semester with the exception of one, Spanish 101. All right folks, I already know Spanish but I'm trying to raise my GPA. My teacher is really grumpy, bossy and out right R-U-D-E. She's Canadian. I thought she was going to be the sweetest thing in the world. You know, someone who brings the class fresh brownies and dresses in bright colors and smiles. But instead she's a mean lady!

Life is going blissfully for me. Fall is right around the corner. I've decided to make a mini bucket list before I turn 22. So here it goes:

1. Succede in my job and get a raise.
2. Cook a new recipe every week.
3. Save a $100 dollars a month.
4. Work out twice a week.
5. Make 80's and above in my classes.
6. Stay current to films.
7. Get a new ring!
8. Do A LOT more art (Henna involved).
9. Go to Austin for the summer.
10. Save up for Sweden & Italy.
11. Change someones life for the better.
12. Be nicer to people.
13. Be happy and not envious.
14. See a funk concert.
15. Order a ridiculously expensive drink.
16. Join a dance class.
17. Make banana bread from scratch.
18. Take more pictures.
19. Meet someone that changes my life.
20. Read 6 books this year.
21. Make the perfect spaghetti sauce.
22. Be in a PLAY

1 comment:

  1. happy belated birthday!
    I like this list!

    It's funny that banana bread is on that-I just made a super easy one on my blog!

    I def. want to cook something new once a week and read more!